Side Swing 90 Window

Positioning of Fittings & Fittings Proposal

Positioning of fittings

  • Outer frame dimensions (HxW) 1100 x 700 mm
  • Outer sash dimensions (HxW) 1036 x 636 mm

In this example the following fittings are used:

  • 1 Set Side swing fittings IPA No. 21195-18211
  • 1 Pc. Espagnolette with side bolts IPA No. 23720-16211 (Backset 28)
  • 2 Pcs. Receivers IPA No. 23452-10211
  • 1 Pc. Support fitting IPA No. 21221-10211
  • 1 Pc. Receiver for support fitting IPA No. 21223-10211
  • 1 Pc. Support fitting IPA No. 21226-00001
  • 1 Pc. Handle IPA No. 23228-07801

Fittings Proposal

1a. Fittings for IPA side swing window IPA No. 21193
      (for 7 degrees bottom profile with step)
1b. Fittings for IPA side swing window IPA No. 21194-95
      (for 7 degrees bottom profile without step)   

2. Espagnolette with side bolts IPA No. 23701-10 & 23715-24. Espagnolette must be ordered according to the height of the window sash.
The largest possible espagnolette must be used.              

3. Receivers for espagnolette IPA No. 23450-52
4. Handles IPA No. 23228-29. Left handle for right-handed hinges and vice versa.
5. Support fitting IPA No. 21221 with receiver IPA No. 21223 or support fitting IPA No. 21222. To be used on windows with a height of 900 mm or more.
6. Support fitting IPA No. 21226

Whether to use one or the other side swing fitting, espagnolette or receiver will depend on the window profile and the dimensions. For further fittings proposals please check the IPA Catalogue on

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