Catalogue Fittings - Standard Products


Window Fittings
Back Flap Hinges
Door Hinges
Door Hinges with short back
Wearing Ring for Hinges
Threaded Plates
Angled Bracket Hinges 
Adjusting Tool for Hinges
Top Hinges
Hooks for Brickwork
Butt Hinges
Small Door Hinges
Middle Band
Eye Yard Bands
Folded Eye Yard Bands
Plate Pintles with Bolt
Plate Pintles
Cabinet Hinges
Shutter Hinges
Screw-Bolt Pintles
Eye Bands with Hook
Continuous Hinges
Nail Pintle
Welding Hinges
Heavy Door Hinges
Heavy Butt Hinges
T Hinges
Window Hinges
Casement Fasteners
Bushings and Holders
Door Hook
Catch for Casement Fasteners
Flat Angle Bracket
Hook to drive
Support Stay
Sash Lock Hinge
Mending Plates
Middle Hinges
Machined Angle Bracket
Casement Hook
Hook to drive
Side Guided Fittings
Fully Reversible Fitting
Security Fittings
Security Fittings and Rails for these
Locks for Shutters
Catch for Hook and Fork Hook
Casement Hook
Guides and Receivers
Support Fitting and Guide Blocks
Pin on Plate
Tee Plates
Top Hinges
Canopy Stays
Fully Reversible Fittings
Casement Stays
Alu-Rail for Security Fittings
Friction Stay for Windows
Casement Fasteners
Casement Fasteners
Hinged Angel Brackets
Angel Brackets
Lugs and Window Nails
Fittings for Sliding Doors etc
Security Lock for Handles
7-8 mm Sleeve for Handles
Cover Faceplate
Friction Stays for Doors
Extention Pieces
Guides and receivers
Security Lock for Handles
Flush Bolts
Console for Friction Stays
Espagnollets for Doors 2-parts
Espagnolettes with side Bolts
Extention Bars
Upper Part
Connection Pieces
Flush Bolts
Espagnolettes with Roller Bolts
Guides and Receivers
Guide Blocks
Friction Stay for Windows
Espagnolettes for Windows
Angle Brackets
Gate Holder
Gate Latches
Gate Latches
Padlock Plates
Box Locking Device
Trunk Handle
Trap Door Ring
Brass Barrel Bolts
Plastic Rollers for slidding Doors
Gate Hasps
Barrel Bolts
Rollers for sliding Doors
Stable Door Handles
Steering Roller
Pigsty Bolt
Gutter Iron etc.
Miscellaneous Fittings
Brackets for Downspouts
Loose Hooks for Gutter Irons
Gutter Iron - Consoles
Gutter Iron – Consoles for Plastmo
Short Gutter Irons
Long Gutter Irons
Ultra Short Gutter Irons
Ultra Short Gutter Irons for Plastmo
Brackets for Tubes
Brackets for Gutter Irons Consoles
Brackets for Snow Stopper
Spindle Bars
Steps for mounting on Wall/Chimney
Steps for mounting on Roof

Table Brackets
Flagpole Bracket
Bracket for Railing
Swing Hooks
Brackets for Fences
Hook for Dogs
Brackets for Shelves
Clamp for Flagpole
Stabilo- Ball and Plate
Cross-Bar Irons
Loose Edge Hooks
Wall Anchors
Wall Hooks
Wall Nails
Bracket for Wheelbarrow
Pressed Brackets for Shelves
Column Stands
Clothes-Line Hooks
Carriage Hook
Eye Bolts
Door Fittings
Furniture Fittings
Stop Rails
Danziger Locks
Friction Stays for Doors
Mortice Latch
Finger Grip
Locks for Toilet Doors
Picture Eye
Table Assembling Fittings
Spring for Rocking Chair
Hook Fittings
Hanging Tinplates
Counterflap Fittings
Corner Brackets
Circular Parts
Bed Fittings
Cutter Hinges
Hook for Vacuum Cleaner Hose
Fittings for Toilet and Bath rooms
Ironmongery for Garage Doors
Rail for Towels
Rack for Towels
Ball Chain
Bracket for Toilet Rolls
Plate for Shelves
Bracket for Spare Toilet Roll
Junction Nozzles
Fittings for Mirror
Swing Brackets for Towels
Basket for Soap
Ironmongery for Garage Doors
Mounting Fittings
Espagnolette Bolts
Guides and Receivers

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